Membership Registration

Marlborough Jr Ancient Fife and Drum Corps Registration

The annual $40 membership fee ($30 per person for multiple members) should accompany this form.

To be completed by Parent or Guardian.

In the event of a medical emergency, most hospitals and physicians will not provide treatment without a parent's permission and a guarantee of payment. The Corps does not provide accident insurance. Please complete the following and enable the checkbox to acknowledge your giving permission for care of your child in an emergency.

In the event that my child becomes ill or is injured while participating in a fife and drum corps activity. I give permission for transportation to and treatment by a qualified physician or hospital emergency room. I accept full financial responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of such treatment.

Picture Consent Form

I grant permission to Marlborough Junior Ancient Fife and Drum Corps to take and use photographs, digital images, or videos of my child for promotion of the Corps for recruitment and website use.